Drywall Blueboard

Drywall Installation Service
Want an alternative to conventional sheetrock? Master Plastering & Services Inc. offers more than just drywall. We can also hang and plaster blueboard to help you get greater durability and beauty in your home.

Why Choose Blueboard?

Blueboard is another type of drywall – it’s similar to conventional sheetrock, but it uses a thicker paper on the front and back. This delivers greater stability and strength for walls, making blueboard an excellent choice for a wide range of different uses.

In addition, blueboard offers additional advantages. For instance, it can be plastered easily; creating a thicker overlay on the wall. This will dampen sound and will also make the wall more aesthetically pleasing. Plaster can also be tinted and dyed, so there may be no need to paint your walls. Plus, the color runs throughout the plaster, so any scuffs will be hidden.

Our Expertise

Drywall Installation Service
At Master Plastering & Services Inc., we have over 10 years of experience hanging blueboard and plastering for our customers. From simple jobs to plastering in tricky places, we deliver professional results and top-quality work. Our goal is to ensure that you have the beautiful home you deserve.

We believe that your home should meet your needs and expectations. Call us today to learn more about drywall, blueboard, and other services we offer. Whether you need flat walls, custom plaster sculpting, acoustical ceilings installed, or something completely different, we are here for you.

We invite you to call us at 857.251.5496 today to schedule a consultation.

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