Homes and businesses typically have a single layer of drywall. That gets the job done just fine, and there’s usually no need to add an extra set. However, sometimes there are unique needs for a building that double drywall may satisfy. Keep reading to see when double drywall may help and what advantages it offers.

The Benefits of Double Drywall

Before looking at specific situations where double drywall may be used, take a look at the benefits it offers. Installing an extra layer of drywall is more work. It requires more materials and several more hours, so what makes it worth it?

  • Fire Resistance – Adding a layer of drywall increases the fire resistance of a particular wall. This is certainly true if you’re using fire-rated drywall (or Type X). In that case, each sheet is typically rated for an hour of fire resistance, so proper installation with two layers yields two hours of fire resistance. That makes a big difference in the event of an emergency, especially if it’s a dwelling with multiple residences.
  • Soundproofing – More material and mass between rooms or levels creates a thicker sound barrier and better soundproofing. If you use the double-drywall technique and put a further layer of sound-dampening material or compound between them, you’ll have a quieter area. The added layer of drywall and compound reduces vibrations and (consequently) cuts down on the sound that travels through the walls.
  • Insulation – If you live in a very hot or cold climate and struggle to keep your home adequately heated in winter or cooled in summer, an additional layer of drywall in the ceiling may help with insulation. It creates an additional barrier and prevents heat and cool air from escaping through the attic. While double drywall won’t solve all your heating and cooling problems, it may help.

What Places Benefit from Double Drywall?

While every building won’t need double drywall, there are some specific cases where it makes sense.

Multi-level Buildings

Since drywall isn’t only installed in the walls, adding a double layer of drywall to ceilings can be particularly advantageous in multilevel buildings with different residences. In other words, think of the benefits it offers for apartment buildings.

Since double drywalling is a great way to add in soundproofing, there’s less noise from upstairs and next-door neighbors. This makes living in the units more enjoyable for residents and likely means fewer complaints sent to building managers. Better soundproofing elevates the living space and makes it easier to rent or sell the units, so it may be a wise investment for the building as a whole.

The added fireproofing qualities are also very beneficial to multilevel or multi-residential buildings. It may keep the fire from spreading to other units, and it gives more time and opportunity to evacuate the building in the event of a larger emergency.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings stand to benefit in similar ways to multi-level buildings. The added fireproofing offers a way to protect any investments inside and may be useful in rooms or areas where certain types of materials are kept.

Additionally, if multiple businesses exist in the same building, double drywall offers added separation between them. Less sound travels and there’s less risk of fire transfer. Double drywalling also offers a greater degree of impact resistance, so it may be helpful to businesses situated near high-traffic areas and roads in the event of an accident.

Private Residences

You won’t find double drywalling in most homes, but it’s useful in certain cases. The additional insulation is the biggest benefit. If you’re struggling with astronomical electric bills and can’t find any other reason it’s hard to maintain the temperature of a home, adding an extra layer of drywall in the ceiling may help. There’s less opportunity for the heated or cooled air to escape, so it increases the overall comfort level.

Final Thoughts

Master Plastering & ServicesDouble drywall offers significant advantages in certain buildings and specific situations. By adding an extra layer of drywall, you can benefit from increased fire resistance, improved soundproofing, and enhanced insulation.

The additional thickness creates a more effective sound barrier, reducing noise transmission between rooms or levels. Furthermore, double drywall contributes to better fire protection, especially when using fire-rated drywall. It also aids in insulation, making it ideal for homes located in extreme climates.

Multi-level buildings can benefit from double drywall by enhancing soundproofing and fireproofing, creating more enjoyable and safer living spaces for residents. Commercial buildings can also utilize double drywall to safeguard investments and provide additional separation between businesses. Even in private residences, double drywall can enhance insulation and overall comfort.

At Master Plastering & Services Inc., we specialize in professional double drywall installation to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to explore how double drywall can improve the safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of your building.