Your Guide to Repairing a Water-Damaged Wall or Ceiling


Water damage occurs when we least expect it. It can build for weeks, even months, turning a small issue into a major problem. Missing what begins as a small leak could land you with some serious repairs down the road. Luckily, you can handle basic water damage repair on your own, so you don’t have

Your Guide to Repairing a Water-Damaged Wall or Ceiling2023-05-16T10:50:24-06:00

Your Guide to Using Drywall Tape and Mud


If you live in a home with drywall, the odds are that you’ll need to patch a hole at some point. They happen easily. Someone opens a door too hard or a piece of furniture slips while it’s being moved and you’re staring at an open spot in your drywall. If you mount furniture with

Your Guide to Using Drywall Tape and Mud2023-05-10T15:24:27-06:00

How does plaster add value to your property?


If you are trying to sell a home, or just keeping long-term resale value in mind, a remodel is often one of the first things on your to-do list. Many homes can increase in value significantly with just a few updates and changes. Or, you may be looking at a complete makeover, with significant changes

How does plaster add value to your property?2023-05-10T15:07:53-06:00

What are the advantages of plaster?


Before we had drywall, a material called plaster was the go-to construction option for covering walls and ceilings in buildings. It offered homebuilders a way to create beautiful interior design as well as durable outdoor walls. With the invention of drywall, plaster use fell for several decades. But recently, plaster has come back into the

What are the advantages of plaster?2023-05-10T15:39:02-06:00

Why use plaster?


These days, most homeowners are familiar with drywall as the go-to interior wall finish. This is the most commonly used wall material for several decades, and actually dates back much farther than that. If you've never lived in an older home, you may never have even come across a plaster wall. However, plaster has seen

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Why you should hire a pro for plastering – even for small jobs!


When you are considering remodeling or adding some unique detail to your home, it's common to consider doing much of the work yourself. While DIY can be a great way to save some money in your home ownership journey, and can help you learn new skills, there are some jobs - even small jobs -

Why you should hire a pro for plastering – even for small jobs!2023-05-10T15:14:06-06:00
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