Can You Paint Over Mold?


In regions that have higher humidity than others, homes are more likely to develop mold. Many people assume that quick exterior or interior house painting is enough to take care of the issue. But is that the truth or just a coverup for a problem that could become worse? Today, we want to talk

Can You Paint Over Mold?2023-08-03T09:42:44-06:00

When Should You Double Drywall?


Homes and businesses typically have a single layer of drywall. That gets the job done just fine, and there’s usually no need to add an extra set. However, sometimes there are unique needs for a building that double drywall may satisfy. Keep reading to see when double drywall may help and what advantages it

When Should You Double Drywall?2023-08-03T09:33:01-06:00

How Do You Match a Popcorn Ceiling?


Popcorn ceilings have several different benefits. They can hide imperfections, evidence of old leaks, cracks, and more. They’re also easy and affordable to install. However, difficult repairs tend to be one of the biggest downsides to the design. Because the texture varies and isn’t uniform, it’s hard to seamlessly match it if you need to

How Do You Match a Popcorn Ceiling?2023-07-14T01:04:48-06:00

Advantages and Disadvantages of Popcorn Ceilings


Everyone has seen the ceilings with tiny balls of texture peppered across the surface. They show up in homes, businesses, and just about everywhere. That texture is what sets popcorn ceilings apart from other styles. Love it or hate it, there are reasons people return to it as they build, renovate, or update homes. Below

Advantages and Disadvantages of Popcorn Ceilings2023-07-14T01:04:17-06:00

Tips to Deal with Mold on Drywall


Moisture causes all sorts of issues within the home. Sometimes, it’s easy to spot. You may notice a leak in your ceiling and take steps to fix it quickly. When moisture is allowed to spread, the trouble spreads with it. If you see signs of mold on your drywall, take action immediately. The longer you

Tips to Deal with Mold on Drywall2023-07-06T21:50:45-06:00

Causes & Remedies of Plaster Stress Cracks


While it’s more common to experience plaster stress cracks in older buildings, it can also happen to more modern ones. Knowing what causes these stress cracks can give you a better idea of the right solution to rectify the issue. Today we will explain some of the most common causes of stress cracks as well

Causes & Remedies of Plaster Stress Cracks2023-07-06T21:58:11-06:00

Do You Know the Difference Between Plastering and Skimming?


When you want to make a few changes to the way your home looks, a renovation is a great way to do so. For instance, repainting the walls to change up the color scheme or installing new fixtures can give you a lot of bang for your buck. However, if you want a more extensive

Do You Know the Difference Between Plastering and Skimming?2023-06-20T12:34:59-06:00

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: What Homeowners Should Know


Whether you call it textured stucco, cottage cheese, or something else, popcorn ceilings are less popular than ever. And for good reasons, too! Here are just a few reasons you might want to consider popcorn ceiling removal. 1. Popcorn Ceilings Collect Dust and Cobwebs While the texturing on a popcorn ceiling might have been visually

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: What Homeowners Should Know2023-06-20T12:30:46-06:00

Your Guide to Repairing a Water-Damaged Wall or Ceiling


Water damage occurs when we least expect it. It can build for weeks, even months, turning a small issue into a major problem. Missing what begins as a small leak could land you with some serious repairs down the road. Luckily, you can handle basic water damage repair on your own, so you don’t have

Your Guide to Repairing a Water-Damaged Wall or Ceiling2023-05-16T10:50:24-06:00

Your Guide to Using Drywall Tape and Mud


If you live in a home with drywall, the odds are that you’ll need to patch a hole at some point. They happen easily. Someone opens a door too hard or a piece of furniture slips while it’s being moved and you’re staring at an open spot in your drywall. If you mount furniture with

Your Guide to Using Drywall Tape and Mud2023-05-10T15:24:27-06:00
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